You are traveling on earth at a speed of 66,000 mph around the sun and at the same time, the earth is revolving at a speed of 1,000 mph; the speed of sound is only 768 mph.  In addition, our solar system is moving around the center of our galaxy at 483,000 mph and moving with our galaxy as it drifts through intergalactic space as fast as 1,188,000 mph.  We can find moments of stillness, but the reality is that we are moving continuously at unimaginable speeds. 

This academic year seems to have gone faster than any I can remember.  I know this perception comes from us making fantastic progress toward creating a strong future for students in our programs and for the EHHS Division.  While, at times, it may not have seemed like we were making great advances, we actually were when you step back and look at the whole picture.  I have provided a list of some of our biggest accomplishments this academic year.  I deeply appreciate everyone who committed themselves to the many hours of work that it took to make these things happen.

Education of Our Students
The most important accomplishment is the education of our students.  We pride ourselves on having an approach to education that focuses on the growth of individual students (i.e., we don’t teach classes, we teach students).  Our shared values speak most clearly to this goal. 

Status of New Programs

Counselor Education

  • Certificate in Advanced Study in Mental Health Counseling – Paperwork is ready to go to SUNY.

Expeditionary Studies

  • A Master’s degree program – outside reviews reviewed the program.  Paperwork is ready to go to SUNY.

MS Leadership 

  • Certificate program (Main and Branch campuses) – Paperwork is ready to go to SUNY


  • Certificate program in Healthcare Informatics in collaboration with the School of Business and Economics.  Paperwork is ready to go to SUNY.

Teacher Education

  • M.S.Ed. in Teaching and Learning (Main and Branch campuses) – Approved at all levels.
  • Certificate program in early childhood education (Main and Branch campuses) – Approved at all levels.  
  • B.A./M.S.Ed. combined program for childhood education and literacy.  Approved at the last Faculty Senate meeting.

Future Programs

  • Possibly a face-to-face RN-to-BS program at the branch campus.
  • Master’s degree in Fitness and Wellness Leadership


  • Successful site visit for Middle States
  • Successful site visit for the Counselor Education programs
  • Successful site visit for the Speech-Language Pathology program
  • Self-study was submitted for the Social Work program
  • A goal has been set to have a TEAC Brief draft ready for the Education Leadership program by the end of fall 2012 semester. 

Project Connect

Students from the Teacher Education Program, who are in early field experiences throughout their education, also will provide afterschool programming for elementary children in the Plattsburgh City School District through Project Connect.  This is an exciting project that meets the spirit of Chancellor Zimpher’s Blue Ribbon Report where education programs are transformed by focusing on clinically rich experiences and partnerships with schools.  It also meets her STRIVE model where there is a focus on education from cradle to career.  Undergraduate and graduate students from Teacher Education and other programs on campus will have rich school laboratory settings in which to learn.


We had a number of successful searches this year.  I am excited to introduce the new hires to the whole community at our divisional meeting next fall.  My heart-felt thanks go out to all who served on search committees.


The next time you are in Sibley Hall, I encourage you to examine the glass case in the hallway leading to Samuel D’s.   I updated the contents with copies of recent articles and books by EHHS faculty. 

The list of successes is longer, but this sampling gives you a good idea of some major accomplishments. Time has flown and while the stillness of a moment may make it appear as though we have not moved very far, in reality, we have moved a great distance.  I look forward to seeing you at graduation, whether it is at the Main or the Branch campus, where we will celebrate the most important accomplishment that took all of us as a college community to achieve. 

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