Respect and Empathy
• Seek to understand before being understood
• Listening to each other
• Share what is most important
• Share our challenges as well as our successes
• Trust
• Open-mindedness, acceptance of perspectives
• Embrace diversity of opinions

Excellence in Teaching
• Clear expectations
• Model passion and professionalism
• Timely feedback
• Effective assessment tools
• Engage students
• Recognize and respond to student needs

Lifelong Learning/Growth
• Participate in professional development (inclusive of student participation)
• Require applied assessment of student learning
• Provide students exposure to professional experts within the community
• Create an environments in which agency is valued, expected, and respected

Inclusion/Culturally Responsive
• Self-reflection
• Caring attitude
• Continued learning, challenging and changing of our attitudes

Helping Students to Achieve Goals
• Reaching out to struggling students
• Challenge students to create connections and follow passions
• Empower students to realize goals
• Provide real-life professional experiences

• Contact with the public-education, resources
• Service learning
• Help and support for local agencies
• Model for students

• Dependability
• Positive attitude
• Appropriate boundaries
• Being present

• Take a creative perspective
• Out-of-the box problem solving
• Be non-dogmatic
• Embrace multicultural perspectives
• Evolve

• Collaboration
• Team-teaching
• Divergent thinking
• Drawing in diverse perspectives

• Transparency
• Openness about our limitations
• Following through with our campus commitments: students, colleagues, college