I’ve heard some interesting rumors since President Ettling sent an email about our current budget deficit.  None of the rumors shared with me was true.  It’s human nature to imagine possibilities because it serves as a way to direct anxiety.  It is normal, on some level, to worry.  The budget will have to be cut, but exactly how is unknown at this moment.  This is ambiguity with a capital “A.”

I was at a retreat about five years ago where Linda Black, Ed.D., LPC said that, “wisdom tolerates ambiguity.”  In fact, moving too quickly away from ambiguity might result in not taking the time during uncomfortable moments to explore multiple possibilities. Sometimes, it is too easy to reach for old solutions and quick answers (I wrote more in-depth about this in my blog entitled, “Treading Water”).  There is no move toward quick, easy answers as we seek answers to the budget deficit.  The
President is taking the time necessary to explore all options. This is a
wise approach that tolerates ambiguity.

Until we know details about the multi-faceted approach for how the budget will be cut, being anxious and imagining possibilities will do no good.  In fact, this is energy that we need each day to inspire the growth of our students.  Focusing on the unknown will drain energy we need to be our best for our students and colleagues.  I remind you of a quote from Margaret Wheatley that I’ve shared before, “The primary way to prepare for the unknown is to attend to the quality of our relationships, to how well we know and trust one another.”

I appreciate your hard work and remain open to your communication.

(EHHS Shared Values targeted in this blog: Professionalism and Honesty)