Last week, I spoke to a class in the M.S. Leadership program about leadership.  One of the students commented about leaders “coming up with new ideas.”  I responded by saying that the leader should not be expected to come up with all of the new ideas.  I also said that it is not very effective for leaders to impose their ideas on people because others need to be involved in the creative process.  When an idea is developed by a group, possibly with the leader as one of the group members, then there is greater energy to move the idea forward.  

 I discussed developing ideas as a group in my blog entitled Treading Water.  Coming together to think about how we can improve what we do is critical to our survival.  Steven Johnson (“best-selling author of six books on the intersection of science, technology and personal experience”) spoke on TED Talks last summer about where good ideas come from.  This 17 minute video underscores the importance of people working together to generate new ideas.  I hope you find this interesting and find ways in which you can come together to create a future that is bright for our students and for us.  It will take the diverse thoughts of everyone at the table to do this.