Two weeks ago at the EHHS Divisional meeting, attendees formed multiple groups of 4-to-5 people to discuss shared values.  Groups were formed by self-selection with others who were not in the same department/program.  There was an amazing amount of energy in the room during this activity.  There were many new introductions and our sense of community was strengthened. Here are our top ten shared values:

  1. Respect and empathy
  2. Excellence in teaching
  3. Life-long learning/growth
  4. Inclusion/culturally responsive
  5. Helping students achieve goals
  6. Service
  7. Professionalism
  8. Broad-minded
  9. Creativity
  10.  Honesty

Someone recently asked me what these really mean and wondered how they would be used.  I said that I would keep a copy on my desk, but I have since framed them and hung them in my office.  I commented that we are all in the same boat together [in the EHHS Division] and that our shared values represented our rudder.  What I didn’t say and will say here is that the people in the boat are the ones who provide the power to move forward.  Again, given the energy that was in the room during the Division meeting, I know we can go far.

 Another person suggested that we work as a group sometime to clarify our shared values. We can do this sometime during our meeting at the beginning of the Spring semester.  Until then, we have a nice framework on which to build. As you model good teamwork for our students and work together to make a difference in their lives, please think about our shared values and feel free to leave a few comments below.